Sports Psychology Schools

Sports Psychology Schools – Starting Your Career with a Great Education


Since Sports Psychology is still a loosely controlled career choice without formal licensing approval in the United States.

You will discover this leads to a wide range of different options in Sports Psychology Schools.

You will discover schools with their emphasis first on sports medicine and exercise science, and psychology being secondary.

Other sports psychology schools place their emphasis first on psychology with sports medicine and exercise science being secondary.

In most cases you will be best served by pursuing a curriculum focusing on psychology with the secondary emphasis on sports medicine.

This can be seen in the statistics that general sports psychologists earn in a range of $45,000 to $80,000, where the median income of a psychologist (psychology degree) is over $82,000.
Rutgers – Is just one of many top sports psychology schools

To have a better understanding of the improved career opportunities with a psychology degree you may wish to explore different sports medicine career opportunities and their associated sports medicine salary.

Colleges for Psychology Which Offer Sports Psychology Specializations

With these facts in hand, you should consider searching for colleges for psychology which offer sports psychology programs as part of their choices of specializations.  A few of the top psychology schools offering these types of programs include:

colleges for psychology

  • Capella University – School of Psychology
  • University of the Rockies
  • Argosy University – American School of Professional Psychologists
  • John F Kennedy University  – Both on Campus and Online Courses
  • Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • Rutgers University
  • University of North Carolina – Greensburg

The programs offered through these sports psychology programs are often considered rigorous.  You will not only learn in the classroom but are expected to have hands-on clinical experience working with sports teams or in sports rehabilitation settings.  This is true for most of the online sports psychology programs you can find, too.  They work with teams and clinics in your local communities to setup clinical studies.

top-psychology-schoolsDiscovering a school requires clinical studies is a solid indication they are one of the good schools of psychology.

They understand you cannot practice your craft successfully without working in real life situations prior to entering the career full-time.

Certification for the Sports Psychologist

Sports psychology is a career still very much in its infancy.  With no current federal licensing standard there are several organizations which now offer certification opportunities.  Two of these organizations are:

  • The American Board of Sports Psychology
  • The Association for Applied Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology Schools

You may wish to check with the sports psychology schools you are considering whether they prepare you for successfully passing the requirements for certification by either of these organizations.

For opportunities to earn your degree online, check out these two articles:

While the certification is not required to enter practice, it can be highly beneficial in establishing your professional status to potential employers.

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The Choice of Masters or Doctorate Programs

One final decision you will need to consider is whether you wish to pursue a Master of Arts in Psychology or continue on into a Doctoral program in psychology.  Many of the schools listed above include options for both a master and doctorate program.  You will discover it is not only the prestige of being called Doctor, but an increase in salary which commonly accompanies the doctorate degree. 

Make sure you consider this factor in your final selection of sports psychology schools.