Massage Therapy Training

massage therapist training

Massage Therapy Training – Starting Your Career Fast


The adventure to having a successful career as a massage therapist begins with getting the best possible massage therapy training.

In addition to evaluating the quality of a school’s program you need to make sure it meets the requirements of the state where you intend to practice.

Choosing the Right Massage Therapist School

Perhaps the most important step in choosing the right massage therapist school is determining if it meets your states certification or licensing requirements.

This is especially true if the school is outside of your home state.  If the program in located within your state you can feel confident they are meeting or exceeding the local states requirements.

Massage Therapy Training from Concorde Career Colleges

Most massage therapy programs do not result in any form of college degree.  There are few exceptions to this rule which include:

  • Globe University – Minnesota School of Business – Massage Therapy Associate Degree
  • San Joaquin Valley College – Bakersfield and Modesto Campus – Therapeutic Massage Associate Degree
  • Academy of Natural Therapy – Associate of Applied Sciences – Massage Therapy

Currently no states require an associate degree to practice as a massage therapist.

Massage Therapy Training

Most programs result in your receiving a certificate of completion or non-college degree from the school.

This does not mean the courses are not intensive.  These programs range in length from approximately 500 hours of classroom time to over 1000 hours.

The Associate of Applied Sciences degree from the Academy of Natural Therapy requires you complete their 1000 hour massage therapy course before entering into the additional coursework to achieve the degree.

Are Massage Therapy Certifications Required?

One question which enters the mind of everyone beginning their search for a massage therapist school is whether massage therapy certifications will be required.  This question can be very difficult to answer since each state has their own rules and regulations concerning massage therapists.  32 states and the District of Columbia require some form of licensing or certification, while the remaining states have not yet adopted formal requirements.

Many of the states recognize one of the two major national massage certification boards:

  • Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards
  • National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

Check in the jurisdiction where you plan to practice to determine if they require either of the certification exams.  The Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards is quickly becoming the predominant certification due to backing by multiple state certification boards.

In many states you are only required to show you have successfully passed an accredited massage therapy program before beginning to practice.

What to Expect as You Finish Your Massage Therapy Training

Massage Therapist Training

After finishing your journey through massage therapy training it will be time to launch your actual massage therapy career.

Massage therapy is a rapidly expanding career choice with a high majority of graduates choosing to start their own private practice.

This independence leads to some very diverse levels of massage therapy salary being reported.

For full-time massage therapists the median income is reported as follows:

  • Cabana Massage Therapist - $34,000/year.  (Normally working in Tourist Destinations.)
  • Massage Therapist Salary - $45,000/year
  • Licensed Massage Therapist - $50,000/year
  • Massage Therapy Instructor – $60,000/year

The one item which falls off of these figures is the fact massage therapist graduates often choose to work part-time.  They may have full-time careers in other sports medicine occupations collecting a full-time sports medicine salary and then have their own part-time massage therapy practice.

Practical Advice On Massage Therapist Training

Massage therapy training will prepare you for an exciting career helping people.  It is one career which allows you to help others, while making a good income without multiple years of college.