Massage Therapy Salary

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Financial Rewards of a Massage Therapy Salary


What is the number one reason you are considering becoming a massage therapist? 

There are many great answers to this question, but one answer which comes up consistently is to have a higher paying career. 

Is a massage therapy salary going to meet your desires?

How Much Does A Massage Therapist Make?
The income of a massage therapist is usually dictated by your own personal choices.  This can make “how much does a massage therapist make” very difficult to answer.  Here are a few of the reported ranges you can expect:

  • Massage Therapist – Private Practice – $0 to over $100,000/year.
  • Median Massage Therapist Income - $45,000/year.
  • Median Massage Therapist Instructor Income – $60,000/year.
  • Median Licensed Massage Therapist Income – $50,000/year.

Did the first entry frighten you?  The reality is most massage therapists are not receiving their salary from an employer as is common in many other career choices.  A sports medicine salary for most other positions can be much narrower in range due to working for an employer.

So How Much Does A Massage Therapist Make?

A massage therapist commonly goes into their own practice and sets their own income.  If you are a good people person, advertise, and create satisfied clients your income can rapidly climb to the upper levels.  Massage therapist income is largely dictated by your own entrepreneurial spirit.

It is not a matter of the hours you work, either.  Your hourly rates will largely be determined by the quality of service and quality of client communication you provide.  A skilled massage therapist with a great personality can make a great income.

Massage Therapy Insurance – Protecting Your Income

One time which will be discussed during your massage therapy training is massage therapy insurance.  This insurance is to protect you and your practice from financial disaster.  The insurance provides you with liability coverage in the case a client claims you caused them injury or other loss.

Average massage therapist income

Average Massage Therapist Income

Purchasing massage therapy insurance may be optional, but is a wise choice for protecting your income and future.   Anyone who is practicing any type of patient care should consider the possibility of a client complaint.  One claim could quickly destroy an entire year’s massage therapy salary.

Does The Massage Therapy Salary and Satisfaction Make This a Great Career Choice?

An item many people choose to overlook when evaluating the massage therapy salary levels is the ease of entry into the profession.

You are not required to spend years in school to launch a massage therapy career which has great growth potential and high levels of personal satisfaction.

You can finish your massage therapy training at a great massage therapist school in one year, sometimes less.

Massage Therapy Salary

Where people in many other sports medicine careers may still be studying for 3 to 5 additional years you will already be building a business.

You could have established a large client base, hired additional massage therapists, and building a business empire before their first day on the job.

Massage therapy is one career where you have the opportunity to create your own amazing future.

If you are ever asked how much is your massage therapy salary you can simply answer, “As much as I want, I am a business owner and entrepreneur.”