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Launching Your Career with a Kinesiology Degree Online


A Kinesiology degree online is a fantastic stepping stone to a sports medicine career, the medical field, therapy, and the exercise industry.

A degree in Kinesiology can help you find opportunities in a variety of other career paths to, including careers in the insurance industry, pharmaceutical sales, management, and corporate wellness administration.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get started is by pursuing a Kinesiology degree online.

An online Kinesiology degree is not going to be any less vigorous and intense then if you attended classes at the best Kinesiology Colleges.

You will discover the curriculum is very similar to what you will find on campus with the exception of many of the hands-on labs.  Many colleges offering online Kinesiology classes do have a requirement for minimal on-campus courses to complete your degree.  Be careful in your evaluation of programs to determine if this will be the case and where the courses are offered.

What Classes are Included in Online Kinesiology Courses?

Before we get to specific classes, let us define what is Kinesiology a little more carefully. Kinesiology is the study of anatomy, physiology, and the mechanics of body movements in humans. Technically the study can be extended to animals, but in most situations is limited to human study.

Learn About Getting A Kinesiology Degree Online

A degree in Kinesiology prepares you for Kinesiology careers in exercise, fitness, sports, rehabilitation, and the health industry. A Kinesiology major focuses around the study of the following areas:

  • Biomechanics
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Sport Physiology
  • Nutritional Science
  • Fitness Testing
  • Sports Psychology

In some Kinesiology Colleges settings you will find a choice of concentrations, or specialties, within the Kinesiology department usually between these two options:

  • Exercise Science – Targeted towards individuals moving into health careers.
  • Fitness and Human Performance – Targeted to students wishing to pursue careers in the sports and exercise industries.

Now is the time to give you a list of a few of the actual class names you may experience while pursuing Kinesiology courses online.  The classes could include:

  • Physiology of Exercise
  • Cardio-respiratory Exercise
  • Nutrition and Exercise
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Exercise and Mental Health
  • Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Obesity
  • Gender in Sports and Exercise

Since the study of Kinesiology is based upon a well-rounded Bachelor degree program you can expect the following types of courses also:
Kinesiology Degree Online

  • Public Speaking
  • Philosophy
  • General Psychology
  • Sports Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Biology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Information Technology

These lists of courses are far from complete but should give you a basic understanding of what to expect.  A degree in Kinesiology opens so many doors because of the well-rounded curriculum which exposes you to the human condition both physically and psychologically.

Choosing a Direction for Your Kinesiology Degree Online

One of the biggest choices you will need to make very early is whether you intend to pursue your entire degree online, or use a combination of on-campus, remote campus, and online classes.  By using a combination of classes your choices expand dramatically.

Many local Universities, private colleges, and community colleges provide a variety of classes online, but not their complete Kinesiology degree program.  By choosing to take Kinesiology classes online which are conducive to home study and then attending a campus environment for lab based classes is ideal.

The combination allows you the independence and freedom of studying at home but does not deny you the opportunity for the hands-on experience which is critical in Kinesiology.  This hands-on training becomes of even greater importance if you intend to pursue a career in Physical Therapy or another allied health career. Follow here for more information on sports medicine salary levels.

Masters Kinesiology Degree Online

Check with your local universities and in-state colleges to see what opportunities they offer for off-campus study.  You may be surprised to discover you can complete 50 to 75 percent of all your courses without ever stepping on the campus.

Finding an Online Kinesiology Degree without Stepping Out the Door

If your heart is set on doing your entire education without stepping a foot outside your front door your options will decrease.  This is not just a decrease in your number of college choices to acquire your online degree.  Kinesiology studies without hands-on experience could dramatically decrease your opportunities in moving forward into post-graduate studies in Radiology, Physical Therapy, or Medical School. 

All of these advanced degrees require a very hands-on approach.  When you have missed out completely on the physical experience it could deter these colleges and universities from accepting credits or even completely denying admission.

With that warning out of the way, your options for your Kinesiology degree online can be acquired from several very reputable schools including:

  • Ashford University
  • Walden University
  • ASU Online
  • American Military University

One thing to be aware of as you explore colleges.  The degrees from some Kinesiology Colleges are often masked under other titles like Health Sciences or Exercise Sciences.  You may need to contact the Kinesiology schools directly to determine the proper courses.

Kinesiology Career

Extending Your Existing Bachelors Degree into a Masters Degree in Kinesiology

There are other options for acquiring a Kinesiology degree online if you already have an existing Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree.  There are several universities offering an opportunity to earn your Masters degree in Kinesiology with online studies.  These schools include:

  • Fresno Pacific University – A 17-Month Program
  • University of Wyoming – Requires 3 courses, 12 hours of electives, and a research paper.
  • University of Texas – Requires a comprehensive exam or thesis at the conclusion of the course.
    (Note:  The University of Texas program is offered by outreach institutions at Permian Basin, Tyler, Pan American, and El Paso campuses.)

The Final Analysis of a Kinesiology Degree Online

The only negative to this path is as has been discussed.  It can lead to reduced opportunity for graduate studies and does not give you the hands-on experience desperately needed in this career.

In the final analysis, pursuing a Kinesiology degree online can reduce your time in classes, speed graduation, and reduce cost.

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