A graduate with a kinesiology degree online can expect to find a career as a corporate exercise specialist. Exercise specialists at the corporate level have become quite common since enlightened companies have realized that a fitness program at the office makes for healthier associates-not to mention decreased health insurance costs. Just two weeks into the […]

Education Required for a Kinesiology Major A Kinesiology major can be one of the most rewarding educational pursuits on any campus. The education is filled with activity, interpersonal communication, and the study of the human body and psyche. The post-graduate opportunities for a student completing a major in Kinesiology are vast. In this article we […]

Launching Your Career with a Kinesiology Degree Online // // A Kinesiology degree online is a fantastic stepping stone to a sports medicine career, the medical field, therapy, and the exercise industry. A degree in Kinesiology can help you find opportunities in a variety of other career paths to, including careers in the insurance industry, […]

Kinesiology Careers – Choices with a Degree // // The choosing in Kinesiology careers is just the beginning of an interesting journey in a sports medicine career choice. There are a wide variety of career opportunities with just your Kinesiology degree, and even greater opportunities using the degree as a stepping stone to higher education. […]